15 People On The Most Difficult Things You Will Learn In Your 20s

Some of these are real good, I need to revisit this and write some down so I can remember them and exercise them because they would be very helpful. I’m getting to the end of my 20’s and have maybe realized only a few of these things. great read.

Thought Catalog

Read some life lessons provided by 15 people from Quora. If you’re just on the cusp of becoming a 20-something, or currently a 20-something, or even past being a 20-something, let us know in the comments of things you’ve learned in your life.

1. Arjuna Perkins

1. Humility. This is the decade of failure. And that’s ok – it’s probably the first time in your life you’ve had to contend with most of the things you’re taking on. Supporting yourself, managing your time / stress / relationships, figuring out what role you want work / study / spirituality / etc. to play in your life. Very few get through their 20’s without some serious soul searching and questioning of fundamental beliefs and habits… And I don’t envy those who do. This is the best time in your life to be making mistakes. It gets steadily less socially acceptable as…

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